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This is where student, faculty and staff can interact with members of EAS IT office since they all hide behind the keypad lock of Engineering Building #238 (occasionally chilling in Osborne Center #208 when EASIT Data Center cannot be managed remotely).

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EASIT Supports

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We offer everything related to IT needs within the College of Engineering & Applied Science. We also provide assistant to ECE cleanroom and software development/web design from our MIST Service Center.


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Ticket System

We utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. We also provide complete archives and history of all requests.

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Contractor Support

If you are a contractor who works with ECE department, You can submit maintenance requests related to clean room.

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Software/Image Request

Faculties, staffs and staudents who plan to request a virtual machine within EAS Datacenter can fill the VM request form in order to build their virtualised environment.

Faculties can request annual re-image of lab workstations at the Laboratory Reimaging Request Form.

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HPC Cluster

The High-Performance Computing Cluster for Computational Science in Southern Colorado.

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Virtual Resources

Students and faculty have access to VMWare's vCenter, to run custom virtual infrastructure and environments. EAS also provides access to XCEDE, a collection of computing resources and data unified from various facilities around the world which also gives access to supercomputing environments.

vCenter Guide Resource List


Linux Aggregated Terminal Services (L.A.T.S.) offers a variety of Linux services for student and instructor use. It operates as a virtual environment utilizing resources in the EAS data center. As a resource it provides the foundational learning components of the Linux operating system, while also giving more advanced users access to tools for web and application development.



Computer Laboratory as a Service (C.L.a.a.S.) eliminates the constraints of location and schedule, virtualizing resources to give students access to applications and computing power from a large variety of devices.

The virtual desktops run on high-end servers and are accessible off-campus using the VPN. Check out this page for a list of applications that are available through CLaaS.

Go to and select VMware Horizaon HTML Access, login using your UCCS credentials, and select the right resource pool.

C.L.a.a.S. Guide

Knowledge Base

The EASIT Knowledge Base is a FAQ resource to students, faculty members and staffs of College of Engineering & Applied Science.

Knowledge Base

Student Software

The College of Engineering & Applied Science has worked with various software vendors to provide student access to professional engineering software. There are multiple resources available to students, from Microsoft Software delivered through the DreamSpark Initiative, to Matlab and Solidworks, students have access to an ever growing list of software.



MIS&T Service Center is a public facing auxiliary unit of the College of Engineering and Applied Science. It provides technical solutions to web application infrastructure/database designs and training/education consultation.


Why Choose EAS IT?

Well, Campus OIT will send you to us if you ask anything related to engineering, including not limited to services or software.

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